Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Homegoods Review & Sweepstakes

A few days ago I found out that I will be attending a very special private shopping event in Atlanta on Saturday, May 21st at one of my favorite stores, HOMEGOODS!

OMG! Can I please just express to all of you right now how excited I am about this. 

While pondering what I was going to buy while I was there, I had a million things pop into my head. 

New wine rack?

 Wait, I'm pregnant and can't drink. 

Maybe a cute mirror to decorate the guest room? 

 Wait, that has become a MAN room! Why waste my riches on that? 

Then I got it!!! Decorations for the new baby's room!

 Maybe a toy box like this one? 

What would you buy with a shopping spree to Homegoods?

No matter what I buy I know it is going to be awesome. I'm sure you are all very jealous (as you should be haha!), but don't worry there is something in it for you too! Blogher has a sweepstakes for ten $25 gift cards on the BlogHer Prizes & Promotions Page. Go enter now so you can win too!!!

Don't have a Homegoods near you? Well guess what? You might have one soon! Homegoods is opening new stores all across the country. Click here to locate the store closest to you. Trust me, your will thank me later :)

I will report back and let you guys know what great things I found on my little shopping adventure. Trust me you will want to be here for that post, there just might be a  giveaway in it for you :)

(Images courtesy of Homegoods Customer Finds)

Find out more about Homegoods on Facebook or on the Homegoods' Blog

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  1. Picture frames & seasonal decorations. Love Homegoods.


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